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“Akademos course gave me a valuable insight into the Danish job market in terms of how to approach a dream job and succeed in an interview.

Their unique strategies and know - how methods helped me succeed in a job interview and in return get a job.

Therefore, I give my most sincere recommendation.”

Ilona Mackveckaite MSc. Business Economics CBS


“Akademos has really prepared me for every step of how to approach a potential job – from tips on CV writing and application all the way to preparing for the job interview. Lessons I have learnt here are lifelong and something I can take with me anywhere.

Help and advice from the coaches were readily available, and I also made some new friends! I am so grateful for all of their help and can highly recommend it to anyone!

Thank you, Akademos!”

Sophie Moller MSc Human Biology

“Akademos course gave me a really strong foundation on how to enter the Danish labor market. I got useful hints on how to write a good application and how to use and expand my professional network. The feedback I received on my resume was extremely useful because, before that, my CV reflected the Romanian job market.

Therefore, the course has my highest recommendation.”

Iulia Moraru MSc International Business


"The course at Akademos gave me a good insight into the Danish job market and good strategies for approaching potential employers."

Lisa Waselikowski M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, M.Sc. Environmental Management

The course from Akademos has provided me with great insights about the danish labor market recruitment system and how to succeed in job application and interviews.

Birhanu Addisu MSc Economics CBS


“Akademos course equipped me well with the great insight into the Danish job market and professional working environment in Denmark.
I personally found it very informative and helpful to build up my confidence in successful job searching.
A fantastic opportunity of learning experience and networking at once.”

Sonnie Dinh MSc Human Biology

”The Akademos course gave me good training on approaching a job interview and how to define a job search strategy”

Eloi Gascon MSc Wind Energy DTU


"Akademos course gave me very many useful hints and information about the Danish job market, employers´requirements and interview behavior.

Warmly recommended!"

Boryana Dimitrova MSc Bitotechnology Engineering DTU

"At Akademos I have learned the basic techniques for job search in Denmark. We trained for potential job interviews and worked in pairs with other course-takers. For young specialists this training can give  more confidence in presenting themselves and help finding their strongest sides as well as define the job market niche they aim to target."

Rasa Marozaite Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)


'Akademos gave me an unique insight into the Danish labour market and I am very grateful for their assistance'

Shehan de silva MSc Global studies ad Business

“Having the goal of succeeding in the Danish job market, I believe that Akademos course provided me with valuable insights. The course tackles different aspects of addressing a potential job, from the practical, legal requirements to the culturally embedded dos and don’ts.

I highly recommend Martin as an amazing jobcoach, who manages to inspire you in the pursuit of getting the dream job in Denmark.”

Andra Gavrilescu, Master of Art in Media Studies, Copenhagen University